Therapy for a better life

I provide therapy to people who come from hurtful or critical families.

When we come from hurtful homes we doubt ourselves. We shut ourselves off from others. We get angry at others and feel misunderstood.

People learn to believe they aren’t good enough, smart enough, pretty enough,or thin enough. We get lonely. Some lose interest in life and the things which make us happy.

Abnormal family

Most of us have an area of our life where we are self-critical. I help you as you work through and improve that part of your life.

Your life does not have to be this way. I provide support and encourage as you improve the parts of your life that make you feel unhappy.

You can reclaim your happiness. There is hope.

You can overcome that voice who says you aren’t good enough.

Therapy is a safe space for you to express yourself and sort out the things that make you unhappy. You can clear your head and gain clarity. You can also look at your life from a different perspective so that you can gain insight and awareness into yourself and, possibly those around you.

Therapy is a place where you learn confidence as you get to know yourself. Your therapist supports as you make positive life changes designed to improve your relationship with yourself and with others. You can improve your relationships with parents, significant others, coworkers, and friends.

As a therapist, it is a privilege to watch another person learn to love themselves. Watching another person learn how to become their true self with no judgment is truly a thing of beauty.

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Same day sessions available most days at my home office in Winnetka, convenient to Northridge, Chatsworth, Porter Ranch, West Hills, Hidden Hills, and Calabasas.

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