What is Concierge Therapy?

Michelle Tapia LMFTConcierge therapy means that you are my priority. I will fit you in on any day you need to talk, even if you don’t have an appointment.

Counselor Access by Telephone

As a client, you will be able to consult with me by telephone, even if you don ’t have an appointment. If I am in a session when you call, you can expect me to call you back as soon as I am available (even during weekend or evening hours).

Priority Email Response

As a client, you are provided with my email address  and I  will respond to your emails within a mutually agreed upon period of time.

Extended Hours

A counselor’s schedule can easily become very full, especially during popular time slots. For clients with busy schedules themselves, it can become a struggle just to find a time that works. As a courtesy, I extended hours of operations, and offer evening and weekend appointments.

Same-Day Service

If you are experiencing an immediate need to be seen, I will find a same-day appointment time for you (whether you have an appointment or not).

Session Length Grace

If you have been in counseling or life coaching, you know that discussions do not always fit within the customary 45 minute session time. I hate watching the clock as much as you do! By utilizing my pay-per-minute business model,  We can easily extend your appointment to finish your discussion if you are not finished talking about your issues. I am available to you for a very affordable $1 per minute for electronic services and still affordable $1.50 per minute for face-to-face services.

Services can be provided online, in the comfort of your own home, on set, or in your office.

I work with you, not simply on an appointment basis, but through expanded availability in critical times. Concierge therapy is, therefore, designed to satisfy an individual’s sense of urgency.
Imagine having the security that, at most anytime and any place, there was a trusted professional whom you could call when
  • you had an unexpected problem or crisis;
  • Or when a situation arose that demanded your immediate attention or required you to make an important decision now;
  • Or when you had an insight or idea that you’d like to bounce off someone and get real time and reliable advice;
  • Or simply because you needed to get something off your chest.

That is what I offer you as a concierge therapist. Peace of mind that I am there for you when or where you need me. My services are private and discreet.

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