Top eight ways you can make the world a better place.

1. Donate your old board games to a local senior center
2. Volunteer one afternoon a week to a local animal shelter
3. Donate clothes or toiletries to a domestic violence shelter
4. Rake leaves for neighbor in need (e.g. elderly neighbor, single-mom, etc)
5. Teach reading skills to a struggling student
6. Watch your favorite tv show with someone who doesn’t enjoy leaving their own home
7. Bake a batch of cookies to let someone know you care
8. Teach your favorite hobby or skill to someone new

There are many, many ways we can each make the world a better place, and often times they we do not have to go very far out of the way to do it.


Do you have otherĀ great ideas? Add them in the comments below and let’s start making the world a better place!



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