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Be Kind Day

Colin’s Friends


Are you familiar with Colin? He is an amazing young man who is having his 12th birthday on March 9. You can check out his story here:

For his 12th birthday he is asking to do a random act of kindness toward someone (anyone). The only catch? He LOVES bow ties (because bow ties are cool) and he asking that you (we) (I) incorporate a bow tie somehow into this RAOK. Here are some great ideas if you are stumped:

 20 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas

(In honor of Colin):

  1. Donate gift cards for gas or food for the NICU parents who are traveling to see their babies
  2. Bring a blanket or toy to a homeless animal
  3. Duct tape popcorn to a redbox machine
  4. Buy bags of kids books at thrift stores and put a box at the end of driveway with “free” written on it
  5. Leave a book on a bench with $5 taped to the inside flap with a note “grab a cup of joe and enjoy
  6. Make baskets of pre-packaged snacks and drop them off at the police and fire stations
  7. Donate non perishable food/canned goods to a local soup kitchen
  8. Leave quarters on vending machines in hospitals
  9. Donate toiletries to a local domestic violence shelter
  10. Leave positive sticky notes in random places  messages like “you look nice today”
  11. Write a motivational haiku for someone
  12. Donate blood
  13. Leave bottled water in mailbox for mail carrier
  14. Bring inexpensive trinkets to a nursing home for Bingo prizes
  15. Pay for the car (or cars) behind you in the drive-thru line
  16. Buy some sand toys and drop them off at the sand box in your local park with a note (so parents don’t tell their kids not to touch someone else’s toy) 
  17. Pack some necessities into a small zippered bag, and leave on a bench in a public park for a homeless person to find (or drop off at a homeless shelter)
  18. Tape quarters to toy machines
  19. Gift someone a magazine subscription
  20. Leave positive comments on someone’s blog or social media sites

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