Self Esteem

It’s exhausting being an empath.

What’s an empath?

Rather that just being able to understand where another person is coming from, an empath feels where the other person is coming from.

While not all empaths are equally sensitive to the same things, here is a sampling of things we have in common:

  • When you call us with a problem, we FEEL your frustration and want to help you find a solution.
  • When characters in a tv show eat or drink, we can taste what they are having.
  • When you tell us about a hurt you have, whether physical or emotional, we feel a physical tingling somewhere in our own bodies.
  • We are sometimes overwhelmed by too many choices (grocery stores, restaurant menus, clothes shopping).
  • We sometimes attempt to numb ourselves either with substances or binge watching tv.
  • We are fantasy-prone and/or have rich and detailed daydreams.
  • We feeling overwhelmed by images or stories of abuse to any living creature. That picture of animal abuse you shared on Facebook will haunt us for days.
  • We have a strong desire for social justice.
  • We feel overwhelmed when surrounded by too much energy or chaos (this could be music or from rowdy people/animals).

How can empaths take care of themselves?

  • Physical boundaries ~
    • Create physical space for yourself by spending time alone.
    • Sit at the end of aisle, etc.
    • Stand at least arm’s-length away from others.
    • Have a physical spot in your home that is just for you.
  • Mental boundaries ~
    • Realizing that there is a difference between caring for others and taking care of others.
    • Imagine a barrier between you and who you are engaging with.
    • Using affirmations or mantras.
  • Scheduling fun things to do ~
    • Rock-climbing
    • A day at the beach
    • Dinner with good friends
  • Scheduling relaxing things to do~
    • Massage
    • Yoga
    • Soaking in the bath
    • Enjoying a book
  • Music~
    • White noise drowns out distractions that prevent being overwhelmed.
    • Any song or album can become white noise by simply playing it on repeat until you no longer react to the beat or hear the lyrics.
    • Music affects us all in very different ways and can be used uplift us, energize us, calm us, or numb us



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