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Self care for empaths

I really care about others.

Do you feel connected to the people and energy around you? Does that connection sometimes cause you pain? Fatigue? Depression? Anger? Congratulations! That means you may be an empath.

Empaths (think of the word empathy) means feeling people around us. Feeling the joy and the pain of people around can be both a blessing and curse if you do not know how to take care of yourself.

So, you may be wondering:

How do I stop hurting?

The simplest answer? Have self care rituals. Self care rituals are a way of taking care of yourself on a regular and consistent basis. It is so important to take and discover those things which make you feel relaxed, calm, safe, powerful, etc.

Some possibilities:

  • Send love or positive wishes to others. It is impossible to imagine love for others without some of that love spill over on to ourselves. Kindness is free. Sprinkle it everywhere 🙂
  • Pray or meditate ~ Spend time in gratitude for all you have. When you are new to prayer or mediation it can feel awkward or weird. Do not let that stop you. Gratitude is contagious, as you focus on things in your life which you are grateful, you will notice other things which you may be taking for granted. I am grateful that I have a supportive and encouraging mate. I am grateful for air conditioning, I am grateful that some of the people in life are supportive and encouraging, I am grateful that I am healthy (so on).
  • Get massages, human touch is important to healing and feeling connected to the world around us. Some of us honestly do not like to be touched and that is alright. Maybe yoga and meditation is a good alternative.
  • Take a warm salt bath ~ Do not think about the troubles or worries in life while soaking. This is a time for cleansing your mind and replenishing your spirit. This a time for connecting with yourself and practicing positive self talk or affirmations.
  • Have clothes that make you feel confident and positive about yourself. If your clothes do not make you feel attractive then donate them and find a style which works for you.
  • Getting your hair cut or colored directly impacts are feeling of self esteem. Find a cut or color that makes you feel good about yourself.
  • Manicures and pedicures continue to affect us long after the appointment is over. We feel good all week when we notice how nice clean, and cared for our fingers and toes look.
  • Be artistic ~ Stop telling yourself that you aren’t creative and draw, paint, or color. We are naturally creative beings, give yourself an opportunity to create something. Art is a great way of letting trapped or residual emotions out without having to logically understand them.
  • Practice taking time for yourself. It is important for empaths to take physical and mental time just for themselves in order to recharge their batteries. We cannot continue to give to others if we allow ourselves to become depleted by others around us.
  • Limit the time suck of social media. It steals our time and creates distractions that prevent us from productivity. Subscribe to fewer newsletters, periscopers, and podcasts. Streamline your distractions by turning off as many notifications that buzz your phone as possible.
  • Consider therapy ~ Not because anything is wrong with you, but because it is healthy to have a place where you can feel completely understood and validated. A therapist who understands empaths can help with the urge to either numb out or act out.

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