Sex positive therapist in the San Fernando Valley

What is a sex positive therapist?

Simply put, a sex positive therapist is one who does not shame others for how they express their sexuality. My personal rule of thumb is that sexual activity be consensual. For example, are you in an open relationship? Great. Do all of your partners know this? If so, great.

Are you in a kink relationship? Great. Have you discussed¬†limits and consent with your partners? Awesome! If not, well… maybe you should ūüôā

I offer a nonjudgmental safe space regardless of gender or sexual orientation. Life is hard enough, we will focus on the issues that are important to you and we will not make issues out of non-issues.

Should I¬†tell my¬†therapist if I’m¬†in a BDSM relationship?

For some BDSM and kink are just a passing bit of fun, but for others it is a committed lifestyle. If you are in a committed kink relationship, it is very important to find a kink-aware therapist or a sex-positive therapist so that the therapist does not inadvertently undermine the rules of the relationship.

Another important reason to seek out a sex positive therapist is that not all therapists are supportive of BDSM or polyamorous relationships. Some therapists feel very strongly that relationships should be between one man and one woman. For some it a question of religion, but for others it is the potential impact on any children in the home.

If you are happily in a kink relationship and do not want to feel like you have to justify yourself to a therapist who may not understand or who may disagree with you, I encourage you to seek out a sex positive therapist.

I am in the West San Fernando Valley near Canoga Park, Porter Ranch, Northridge, Woodland Hills, Chatsworth areas. You can reach me at: 818-648-5605.

If my location does not work for you, there are other therapists who can be found here: NCSF

Sex positive therapist

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