Dog friendly therapy: yes, you can bring your dog with you

Does dog friendly therapy mean I can bring my dog to therapy with me?

Yes! The idea of dog friendly therapy is that it can be hard to talk about the painful parts of our history. It helps to have an emotional support animal by your side. You are welcome to bring your own dog, or you can sit with my sweet boy, Blue.

dog friendly therapy

Dogs offer us unconditional love and acceptance. They offer us support without judgement or criticism.

Emotional support animals can help with a broad range of issues.

Pets can:

  • lower our anxiety
  • increase our happiness
  • give us a sense of purpose
  • teach us responsibility
  • show us how to have fun
  • lower symptoms of depression
  • make us more active
  • help us overcome social anxiety
  • help us become more social
  • teach us empathy
  • show us how to be more accepting of ourselves and others

Walking and Talking therapy

Some of us really benefit from walking when we talk because it gives our emotions someplace to go. There are many hiking trails and walking paths in the San Fernando Valley where we can go, with or without dogs.

outdoor therapy

Research shows our brains respond to being at the beach and there are beaches here in LA County where you can sit with your dog as long as your dog is leashed.


When we learn to care for our pets by ensuring that they get plenty of exercise, fresh air, and sunshine, then we are also learning how to take care of ourselves. It is impossible to properly care for our emotional support dogs without also learning how to better care for ourselves.

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